Storage harbor used to be simulated in Visual Components Benelux 3D Simulation - Real manufacturing facility being simulated and followed on computers

3D factory simulation is our expertise

With over 30 years of experience in manufacturing processes, robotics and automated systems, we are the perfect Benelux 3D Simulation partner for the visualization of production processes in a virtual environment, and that in a transparent and efficient way!

ViManPro stands for “Visualizing Your Manufacturing Processes“. Whether you want to visualize a process, simulate different scenarios of it, or connect your virtual model to your hardware, we can handle it for you or provide software solutions.

The road to Smart Factory and Industry 4.0 begins by designing and planning much differently. Predicting by simulating is a big step forward.

ViManPro is providing project-based solutions for this purpose.




Innovation can only grow in the right conditions

Benelux 3D Simulation - ThorPark future FacThory facility ThorPark facilities view from the sky

FacThory : our homebase! Where companies, research institutions, investors and talent meet. Thor Park turns the mining past in Genk into an opportunity for the future. As a Benelux 3D Simulation company, we want to be part of an outstanding intelligent manufacturing ecosystem.

Thor Park is not a typical business park. It is a campus where research and development, education and talent development, and entrepreneurship go hand in hand.

At FacThory, you will find an entire community working on the smart energy and manufacturing applications of tomorrow.




We are always looking for talented people who want to grow together with us.

Benelux 3D Simulation - ViManPro Team work Virtual Commissioning training
  • You like to make a difference?
  • You can do something other’s can’t?
  • You’d like to be a part of our exciting journey?


Benelux 3D Simulation - ViManPro Team Training Benelux 3D Simulation - ViManPro digital Twin work on the shop floor
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