We digitalize your machines and components for simulation purposes

Factory and Machine Simulation Services - 3D Simulation Consulting Service with The Visual Components Software Package Factory and Machine Simulation Services - Car Manufacturing workshop to be simulated with Visual Components
  • We check and confirm 3D layouts of your concepts
  • We test machine cycles / output / pathways / material flow and try different scenarios
  • We make videos for technical and/or marketing purposes to convince your customers and investors
  • We integrate specific components into the Visual Components library so that you can conveniently drag and drop them into your layouts
  • We help machine builders set up an SOR (statement of requirements) by clarifying their ideas in the 3D world




From a simple 3D model to a virtual commissioning project, we build your new simulation

Factory and Machine Simulation Services - Robotic Car Welding Simulation with Visual Components Factory and Machine Simulation Services - Digital Twin Development with the Visual Components Software

When conceiving a 3D simulation model according to your specifications, we can:

  • Prepare and analyze different production set-ups
  • Build a machine by targeting specific cycle times and production outputs

3 stages of simulation are available:

  1. Animated components and elementary simulation processes
  2. Mid to highly detailed simulation processes
  3. Virtual Commissioning model with high process programming and PLC connectivity

Learn more about Digital Twins here.


Belt Conveyor System to simulate with Visual Components


Do you need basic knowledge about Visual Components or maybe you want to master some more functions? We're there to help!

Factory and Machine Simulation Services - Software training Factory and Machine Simulation Services - Visual Components Software training personalized to the customer needs

We provide training on your software package depending on your level and needs.

  • We organize sessions to get you started on the program
  • We offer appropriate tutorials
  • We help you master the software features you desire


Software Training With Visual Components Virtual Commissioning training


We’re glad to assist you with the software

Factory and Machine Simulation Services - Update and Maintenance Support Visual Components Support Service
Visual Components service support helpdesk Visual Components service support on the location
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