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Software solutions and services for the smart factory

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DUALIS GmbH IT Solution was founded in 1990, and is now a subsidiary of iTAC Software AG and member of the DÜRR Group. DUALIS specializes in software development and delivery of services for production planning and factory simulation. The Industry 4.0-compliant solutions enable companies to drive smart factories efficiently, with high levels of confidence in planning, operations and investment decisions, and with constant cost optimization.

DUALIS acts as an authorized Visual Components reseller and develops useful add-ons for the 3D simulation platform with the focus on simplifying the operation of the software or modeling in certain use cases. In addition, the factory simulation specialist offers numerous services to optimally support users in their daily simulation tasks.

Learn more on the DUALIS website.


DUALIS Support ViManPro with expertise

How DUALIS supports customers with the simulation tasks as one of the ViManPro Partners:

  • DUALIS provides self-developed and useful add-ons for the Visual Components software package. Several extensions are available like the AGV library that will allow you to program AGV behaviours much more precisely. Another extension example is the very popular Statistics Module that can automatically retrieve simulation data and present them on Excel data sheets to compare different simulation scenarios with ease.
  • They offer support for factory and machine simulation on Visual Components. This service is performed by experienced project managers and simulation experts who work with the software themselves on many different applications.
  • They develop individual component libraries for your specific needs. Some telling examples are electromagnetic displacement conveyor systems like MontraTech or complex (PnF) Power and Free chain conveyor systems. These libraries already exist in the DUALIS library but they can also be adapted to other brands if your company requires it.
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