Similar to CAD-CAM software for CNC manufacturing, increase the potential of all your production robot cells with fast & accurate off-line programming (VC Robotics OLP)

Interface of VIsual Components Robotics OLP

Robotic automation for small-scale production

Unlock the full potential of each of your robots, thanks to several 1-click programming tools presets & monitor your robots paths via the “Check” function.

1-Click-Tools Video

OLP 1-click tool

Additional robotics solver available.

Automate alternative robot paths that avoid collisions, axis overruns or reachability problems!

Solver video


Multiple Robot Cells & Brands in the same Simulation

Program your robots regardless of brand or type. Only one software is needed to commission all your robot cells!

OLP - Multiple Robots Layout

Each robot cell must calibrated once.

After that, you are able to post process any program to your controllers!

  • Supported Robot Controllers


    from traditional legacy robots to the latest models

  • Integrated Post-Processors


    from the leading brands like ABB, Yaskawa, Fanuc, Kuka and more to come...


One Software For All Robot Processes

Program your robots for various industrial processes such as welding, processing, or spraying using a single software.

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