Virtual Commis­sioning

Connect simulations with your control system and validate before physical execution

Commissioning always happens at the end of a traditional machine building workflow. The problem is that it is never entirely clear when this phase will be able to start after all the others. Virtual Commissioning is a very good example of the manufacturing world evolving. It is a great solution to commission your system virtually while it’s still being assembled and set-up.

Learn more about Virtual Commissioning with Visual Components!

Virtual commissioning compared to traditional Commissioning workflow


Take advantage of the universal OPC-UA or Beckhoff interface in your virtual commissioning projects

Visual Components Virtual Commissioning with PLC Connectivity
  • Test and validate the functionality of your digital model with any PLC brands compatible with OPC-UA or connect it to TwinCAT directly.
  • Commission your PLC program before the machine hardware is ready. You’ll save precious time when programming certain types of machine.
  • Transfer data in & out of your model to feed any EMS, Cloud interface etc. Your simulation model has to be industry 4.0 compliant!
Visual Components Virtual Commissioning with OPC-UA and Beckhoff TwinCAT


Access improved commissioning capabilities to connect digital models to physical and virtual vendor-specific controllers.

Visual Components Connection with Siemens S7

Siemens S7 - PLC

Supports native connectivity to most physical and simulated Siemens PLCs.

Visual Components Connection with WinMod and SIMIT


Communicate with several physical and virtual automation systems like PLCSIM Advanced and many other PLCs with WinMod and SIMIT.


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