Compo­nent Mode­ling

Take your simulation a step further and modify imported 3D CAD files or create your own basic geometry solids

Component Modeling opens the world of highly customized simulation to you
It enables you to:
  • Quickly create your own simple geometry solids without requiring time-consuming CAD designing
  • Modify existing CAD geometries by altering appearance to suit your preferences. You can also program specific simulation behaviours
  • Create many component behaviours and add Python scripts to simulate details the way you want if that’s what you’re looking for

Watch a video to show how to import CAD files and how to simplify them!

Visual Components Component Modeling With Wizard help function

Pre-built wizard

Make Component Modeling effortless by using the different wizard tools.

Give life to simple or more complex 3D CAD files by automatically pre-configuring I/O’s and behaviors for end effectors, machines, sensors and more.


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