When it comes to simulation possibilities, the sky is the limit...

Pick a project and make it 3D happen!

The simulation workflow

  1. Design your 3D layout concept by using the eCatalog or importing CAD components
  2. Model your process and program robots
  3. Simulate your layout and get to know it
  4. Identify bottlenecks and design flaws, then optimize accordingly
  5. Export your simulation data in various formats


3D Layout Concept - Visual Components Plug&Play Tool

Plug & Play Tool

Assemble components fast and effortlessly

3D Layout Concept - Visual Components Point Cloud File Import

Point Cloud File Support

Import 3D point cloud models for better space positioning

3D Layout Concept - Visual Components 2D Drawing Export

2D Drawings and BoM generation

Export your work into drawings for demonstration purposes and include your bill of materials

3D Layout Concept - Visual Components 2D Drawing Import

Dimensional 2D drawings

Import some of your existing 2D drawings to get accurate dimensional sketches on the layout floor

3D Layout Concept - Visual Components eCatalog

2900+ components eCatalog

Benefit from the regularly updated ready-to-use components catalog. It features 1600+ robots from 70+ brands, actuators, conveyors and much more...

3D Layout Concept - Visual Components CAD Files Import

CAD files import

Upload your own CAD files from various formats like stp, xyz, ipt, dwg, dxf, catpart, fbx, iges, prt, sldprt, stl ...



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